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When people have come to me after seeing such and such’s photos on their facebook it’s always like “I heard you shot *name*’s wedding for ___. My wedding is in July and that sounds like a really good price.” … It’s a serious facepalm moment because I haven’t really learned a way to explain delicately enough that it’s not able to be conveyed as rude, but stern and professional enough to be straightforward and concise. I definitely need to learn that soon.

I suppose for me, I just get tired of the expectation and the flabbergasted “What do you mean you don’t have your camera with you?”… A former friend who stopped speaking with me after being so rude I burst into tears on my birthday asked my roommate to get their wedding pictures I took as a guest for them! Their argument was “They’re in the photos! Technically they are theirs!” – and that was both them AND my roommate. It got old pretty fast after that =/