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To comment on the pho…fauxtographer that shot the wedding – I think there is hope for them, in the future… but they should absolutely NOT be charging or taking on weddings without the know-how, understanding or even entry level gear. Get that bad boy a 50mm 1.8 and a canon ex 430 ii and they can learn how to bounce flash and work with a shallower dof.

It’s a disappointment because the bride in the most recent set is a very pretty girl and looks like she invested a lot of time into looking as good as she did that day (what bride doesn’t? or.. well… in most cases).
Here’s hoping she spends a LOT of time improving and learning. 🙁 So sad for your nephew though.

Oh… and seriously, is the groom wearing eyeliner? Because it just looks like it to me.


EDIT: Oh Lord. Going deeper into the album, I change my mind. BAD BAD BAD! Stop charging immediately! Yikes…