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Wow. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Especially cameraclicker. I really appreciate the detailed feedback. Unfortunately, I only have the one lens. Truth is I just can’t afford any other equipment right now, so I’m doing my best to learn everything I can about and to get the most out of what I have. I have a few paying gigs coming up with some local bands, so maybe I can add some new equipment soon.

To ¬†EyeDocPhotog: The fact that you would even think that Flickr is my portfolio disturbs me. Are you sure you’re not a fauxtog? Flickr is just for sharing pics I like with people. My portfolio is on my website.

Anyway, thank you all again. I’m going to watch all the videos you guys suggested and I’m actually taking a month long course on photography right now, so hopefully it will help me get better as well. Hope everyone has a great week. Thanks again!