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Then the Telly Savalis ‘Talking Tina’ doll from the Twilight Zone? Now I’m gonna have nightmares that a war hero dressed as your niece is going to a wedding of ducks and squirrels in a church where the punk rock band is performing.

LOL!  That’s some imagination!

With my own Flickr accounts — which are not portfolios, just collections of photos I wanted to show someone — I usually just dump everything into the photostream.  My wife’s Flickr account has photos dedicated to family and office events.  Photos are uploaded with View by Family and Friends settings and placed into an Album.  This allows generation of Guest Links that can be emailed to those who may wish to see the photos, and the email can be forwarded to others who may also be interested, by the recipient.  This lets her co-workers see photos of the office barbecue, and they can share those photos with their families if they wish.  It works the same way for our family photos.  A visit to her site by anyone without a pass will only see a dozen random generic photos  I took during a visit to the CN Tower, even though when we log into the account we see sixty albums containing 1500 photos from the photostream.


Here are a couple of YouTube videos about posing: