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I see what you mean about the background. That tree limb is kinda going right into her eye, isn’t it? Haha. Can you explain exactly why she seems uneasy? I really don’t see that in the image, even though you are right about it. What I mean, is I know that she was uneasy, but wondering what it is about the photo that made you pick up on that?

Without getting too personal, this is my niece and she’s had a pretty rough life and has a ridiculously low self esteem, so you’re spot on in your observation that she’s not relaxed. She’s extremely self conscious about her looks. Honestly, one of the main reasons I asked her to let me shoot her was I was hoping some nice photos would help boost her confidence a little.

The other main thing I was concerned with was the processing. Does her skin look natural and not over processed? I did some slight spot removal of blemishes and brightened up the eyes just slightly because she already has gorgeous eyes. Just wondering if anything seems over processed in the pictures and how close I am to getting that aspect of it down.