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Again, my Flickr account is not my portfolio. It’s by far the most casual place I share photos. I just share photos that I like on there that I don’t think are completely horrible. That’s it.

My portfolio is on my website, there are less than 100 photos there in 12 different categories, and as a design choice, there are some random photos together on the front page, but there are categorized menus at the top for visitors to look at specific categories. The bottom line is, I like to take a lot of different types of photographs. Maybe one day, I’ll decide I want to focus 100% on one type of photography, but for now, I’m going to share a little of everything I’m interested in.
But, honestly I didn’t ask for critique on my layout on Flickr or my website. Maybe that’s part of why I got pissed off. I asked for critique of the photos, specifically the portraits I did, simply because I had never attempted to do them before. I just don’t get why a few people keep talking about my “portfolio” layout on Flickr when it isn’t my portfolio.

Anyway, sorry I got so upset and for my rude remarks. I’m actually a really laid back guy. Some things just set me off every now and then. You’re photos are lovely, by the way. Very distinct style.