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I agree that eyedoc could have worded things differently, (he was looking for a giggle from us, and it worked lol, I think most of us take things a little easier on people new to photography, but eyedoc is rather new as well, and I assume he didn’t feel he had to censor himself) but the outcome is the same.  There’s no cohesiveness (is that even a word?) to your port, and it’s uncomfortable to veiw.  Culling/editing would help your viewers tremendously, and by regularly culling it will in turn help your photography as well.  We get that you took issue with it, but I don’t think you understand how arrogant and insulting you have been, not only to eyedoc, but to all of us in general.  Not cool.

eyedoc took his licks, and we had a lot of laughs at his expense when he first arrived.  He asked if he could stick around and give his two cents, and I told him we all are learning, we all suck and want to improve, we all want better photography out there, and that his opinions and observations are just as valid as anyone else’s.  I have to admit, I thought he’d be a softer touch with our group critques considering how rough we were with him lol, but he settled in quickly.

My port…sigh… I honestly don’t understand how viewing my port will help you to swallow the critisim you have received from eyedoc but here it is just the same.  Knock yourself out http://www.500pxart.com/MelindaPotter?q=user&only=&order=rating