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Again, for the millionth time. I had a problem with exactly ONE person’s so called “critique”. I thanked everyone else and found what they had to say helpful. So, you as well, can fuck off. “I Hate Fauxtography.”

For the record, I haven’t charged anything for any pictures yet, Including the ones you linked to in order to try to prove some point. I have however had two bands I don’t know contact me after seeing the photos you linked to and offer to pay me to shoot them. So, although I will not charge very much because I am well aware of my skill level, if someone offers to pay me money to take photos, I’m sure as hell not going to turn them down.

Please do share with me your website and portfolio, so I may learn from your infinite pool of knowledge and immense talents.



Jesus, I can’t believe I’m actually arguing with people on the internets.