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First off eyedoc is an amateur, meaning he doesn’t intend to make money with his camera.  I’m an amateur as well, and purely shoot for the love of it.  It simply doesn’t matter what our Flickr accounts look like.  Plus, what’s our photography have to do with yours?  Our photography could be a steaming pile of crap, or awe inspiring works of art, how does THIS information improve YOUR photography or the way you display/share it?
You on the other hand were asking for critique because you want to try your hand at going pro.  This automatically raises the bar as far as standards go.  You directed us to your Flickr.  It was noted that you shared too many pictures of the same subject, and that things felt uncomfortable and lacked any flow while viewing.  “Save your best work for your portfolio, not every shot on the memory card”.  Is sound advice given very frequently.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this advice, and I agree that you should take it.  Culling helps us in many ways, and it helps our viewers. So your Flickr is your dumping ground.  A lot of togs do the same.  I don’t show port worthy shots there either.  BUT when I go to your port, I see the same photos, I get the same feeling of disarray.  I see multiple shots of sessions, instead of just your best shot from a session.
There are other flaws to your work, but since you took the idea that your port is a mess and needs some organization so very well, I’ll refrain from elaborating.

Quit lashing out at a person that took the time to veiw all of your work, and give you a sound critique/opinion with useful criticism.  You may not liked hearing it, but you need to cull/edit your port geesh!  And please, don’t use the word amateur in a derogatory way.  I cannot tell you how much that annoys me.  It comes off pretentious as hell.