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I only looked very briefly at the Lauren set.  The firs photo is over saturated and her skin is over smoothed.  Most of the rest also have over smoothed or blown out skin.  And she is class of 2014?  So she is 17, 18, or 19?  Why does she need skin smoothing?

I had to laugh.  I was at a dinner with a number of women who are all probably 50 to 65 years old.  They were passing around 4X6 photos, one said were Hi-Res.  They were so low resolution I couldn’t tell if they were in focus or had been over smoothed without keeping features like eyes and lips sharp.  One of the women said they loved the look because all their lines and wrinkles were gone.  All the others agreed with her.  There is definitely a market for that look, but I wouldn’t expect it to be the under 25 crowd!