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Not a fauxtog.

With that said, I actually liked your work, they all seem to have this soft dreamy effect. I think your clients also like the style you take as they seem to be young and in-tune with instagram. Your photo’s do have an instagram feel to it and I can understand why.. but i wouldn’t say its a bad thing.

I believe you take more of an artsy direction rather than traditional style portraits. As with anything, the more you do it, the better you’ll get. So keep up the work.

I would recommend that you kill off the other galleries on your website such as black & white and Misc.. doesn’t really serve what you are trying to do with portrait photography. Also if you have the option.. change the facebook and instagram links to open in a new tab when you click them. That way your website always stays available for clients to come back to more easily. That is me just being nit-picky.

You might want to check out this photographer as I think you would enjoy her work and gather inspiration.