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I am on the same page as EyeDoc, but I want to indulge a little bit further.
I think some filter do fine for a theme but before any filters or effects are used, the underlying photo must be able to stand on it’s own merit. Never use a filter to “save” a photo, if it’s no good, toss it away.

I believe you have a good eye and I like some of your poses. They are not to provocative for the models age, but yet lend a certain amount of moderated beauty.

The 1st gallery of Lauren, half of the poses seem to emphasize more of the background than the model. There are a few good close up shots or as I like to call intimate portraits, but they are not executed well.
The 2nd group of Wendi & Valencia, I think the 9th photo, you nailed, but the others are lacking sharpness, focus or other things.

In the 3rd gallery of Jessica, what happened to the 2nd photo of her? It is skewed to the right and cropped or cut off at her nose. Bad editing or bad choice to post that one, delete, delete, delete. The 1st photo of Jessica I would rather see it look more like the thumbnail, but without the faux black and white effect.

I think you are not a faux but going there if you don’t watch your editing or get a better grip of what you display as your “portfolio”. Your portfolio should be your best of your best, not a collage of random edits and pics from every shoot. Follow a theme or have an underlying progression where the photos tell the story. You’ll get more interaction from a portfolio that communicates with your audience.