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Hello Nobadphotos.  I’ll try to be gentle but direct.  Of all the links you posted, I could only get to a couple of them, so those are the ones I am basing my critique on.

The first one was of Michaela Senior Pics.  I found several of the photos where the focus was wrongly placed, needed to be on the eyes or where you want to draw your subjects attention.  For that I would select the focus points on your camera on the eyes or focus and re-adjust to correct that.  If your not sure what I mean, you can youtube that and get a better understanding.  If not the focus points, try a larger f/stop to extend your DOF.  You’ll have to adjust your shutter and ISO and maybe use a flash or lighting for fill, but the results will amaze you.

The color balance was off and varied too much on the same subject, causes distraction.  With different scenes, you’ll have to adjust so that the subjects skin tone looks more consistent.

Some of the composure was not great, the scenes need some scouting and /or prep.  For instance a baseball field with weeds in the infield are not too pleasant to look at, just sayin’.

With one of her photos what looks like an alley, with brick walls.  I would tighten up the shot and re-compose the angle, the background is not appealing for the shot, it takes too much away from her.  From the looks of it, it looks small, so I can imagine that you are limited.

Also there was 2 shots of horses in her album?  Not sure if they were misplaced or what, they look like random photos inserted into her album.

The other album I was able to see was simply called February 18, 2013.  Only 4 photos, but again focus and color balance.  One looks too cold and the other too warm making his skin look blotchy.

These are minor adjustments and considering that you are young, more then enough time to correct and improve.