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thankyou so much soaringturkeys, your CC means a lot to me.

i do love that pink fur, i managed to find it for free on a free site 🙂 to this date its one of my favorite pics. Because i am not charging i am not buying props and blankets ect. i don’t have many nice blankets for boys, this one was one of his mum’s.

This is what i was thinking of doing to the blanket in my final portfolio edit.



here is another of the pink fur. It is an image people either love or hate, her parents weren’t a huge fan! Both these images have only had a wuick FB edit so arent quite finished.


here is another with different fur.


I am hoping that any props i use will complement baby and not over power baby, thats my style, warm and clean and not porcelain doll.

here are 2 black and whites, i am not yet confident with my black and white conversions.



thankyou again