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Thankyou so much Creyes, i really appreciate and value your feedback, I do think lighting is one of the things i struggle with as well. Currently i am trying to learn as much as there is about natural lightening (simply because i cant afford a decent flash and the pop up one on my camera is a piece of dirt!), i sometimes use a reflector but i think i need to do more research and more experimenting.


would you be able to let me know which ones in particular are looking pretty clumsy with the lighting and which ones are ok?

The image of the dog and baby is crap, i look at it and shudder but my friend really wanted to see that one (my first time doing a composite) even though i told her i didnt like the quality of it. Unfortunately its the one she like the best! grrr! it was shot in a very dark room with a very high iso and has been cropped significantly because the dad had to hold the dog in place (what do they say? never work with animals and children! LOL!) An image like this would never end up in a portfolio of mine. This site is just playing around with photography not a business one, i will start fresh if i decide to go down that route.


Anyone else have any CC?