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Hi Jamie thankyou for your compliment, i am aiming for nice and tasteful so i’m very happy you thought that.


OctoberMoon, those pics were literally taken and edited last night (with 3 very uncooperative children LOL!). I shoot RAW so i have room to move with WB and exposure, i always feel that i tend to over expose in camera but then when i get into post i have to bump the exposure up even more, i worry about blowing areas but maybe i need to lighten more, Ive just started using layers and masks to selectively edit different parts of my pics and i feel this has helped. According to histograms generally my WB is relatively spot on (i prefer warm) and i am on a calibrated monitor.


I just finished a shoot with a baby and will put the pics up when ive finished editing some this afternoon. will post the link if anyone is keen to CC them i would love the feed back. I get my work CCed as much as possible but im finding it harder and harder to find people to CC, does anyone know any other forums?