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i hate fauxtography

your defo right there, she don’t want any help at all, i even told her i would meet up with her to give her some pointers in the right direction but that didn’t go down to well either so yes im beating a dead horse and it’s pointless to do so..i only see her stuff because other photographer know iv said something to her so they send me messages and links to her stuff but iv told them im not wasting my time on her anymore there’s just no point at all but i must admit it’s so hard not to say anything .. i could cry when i see her work lol.. i won’t be a bitch and post her work i will try my best to stay calm when i see her work lol. thanks for the advice… your defo right we all know someone like this. sorry to hear what has happend to you, it’s so annoying that people can seriously think they can get away with this.. iv had a look at your work on redbubble and i must say your stuff is stunning iv bookmarked your page so i can keep going back to look at your eye candy lol :0)