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Your girl in pink stripes is a little over exposed.   The dog looks a little flat.  The dog was shot in what skiers call “flat light” for just that reason, with no shadows you can’t see the bumps so skiing is harder.   Shadows help give depth, they are only a problem if they are too dark.

I love the cat.  I had one with similar colouring when I was about your age.  You might want to get out an editor and fix the green colour fringe but otherwise a lovely high key photo.  You pretty much nailed it!

The other two, of the girl in the print dress, are slightly over exposed, or the sky could be better managed.  That look is popular with some of the wedding photographers right now but it is a trendy look and will date those wedding albums.

Several of your subjects are square in the middle of the frame.  Look up “Rule of Thirds”, it’s just a rule but it might help.

You are doing fine.  Keep shooting.  Keep trying things.  Read.  Study other photos to see why you like them.  Enjoy.