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Idk, where do you want to stand?  I’m serious; they’re solid but don’t really stand out.  I think you are a competent photographer and I can only assume you make your clients happy… are you satisfied with them?  If your clients are happy and you are then so be it… So my question is what do you want to get out of this post?  Are you bored, are you looking for inspiration?  I think the shot on the stairway needs to go; it’s getting into creepy up skirt territory, but to each their own… You have potential and I think you need to go outside your comfort zone a shade.  One other thing, you have “models” if you could get some models that also could “act” a bit to add more emotion and depth to your images you would greatly benefit – there is a degree of detachment in the overall subjects.

Think about what you want to get out of your subjects.  Right now I’d say you are a solid, clean, photographer who creates images that lack emotion… Also, confused about the grain… 72dpi @ 1000pixels or 800pixels on the widest edge should be more than enough…