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Hello Cat – Just to warn you, I am not critiquing you to be mean or anything like that, just pointing out what I see as another photographer.

Your not bad, it looks like you have a certain style and it needs some mixing up. True the models you are using [not sure if they are friends or not] need some emotion, they all look too plain, no one looks happy or sad or anything, just bland expressions.
There were not too many photos on your web site, but the ones I looked at, I have some questions. What resolution are they when uploaded? I ask, because many look pixelated like they are really low quality.

Here are some examples, screenshots I took:

zoomed in 150%
100% from site
This one looks out of focus, low res?
Look at the difference in expressions

If these are the result of low-res images on your site, then you need high quality ones to display.  If they are, like you state, then you have some technical issues to address like focus and sharpness, but these are minor.

The only major issue I see is the web-site.  The iTunes layout on Google Chrome is wanky and does not flow very well.  What ever app you used to create it could also be the reason the images look so low quality, out of focus and pixelated.  Might need more background on that, so don’t take it to heart just yet.

I do like the fact that you have a mobile page, and the images appear to be sharper there then your desktop version but I cannot zoom into them to “really” compare.

You have a good look that just needs a little tweaking, but by far not a faux if that’s what you were worrying about.