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WOW! Makes sense now! I was quite confused with her statement too since she’d never said anything before. And really, how would the Canadian authorities find out all of our phone numbers and give us a call? I’m aware it’s not impossible, with how un-private our lives are with the internet (if someone really wanted to, they could find out who we were through this site, then maybe find our facebook page, then maybe innocently ask a friend if they knew our number, really not THAT difficult). After all I had messaged her via my personal FB page so she knows my real name. There’s really nothing illegal being done here, this is all publicly-posted information on her part that we are commenting on. Now, if we’d go and send messages to all of her friends or people who like her photography work, and spout out slanderous words about how they should not be patronizing her business, that may be illegal (though, I don’t know Canadian laws). She is the most unprofessional person I’ve even run across. Wanna bet her business isn’t even legitimate at all? Maybe she should be reported to whomever deals with taxes in Canada (again, I have no idea about it since I’m in the US). Her spelling and writing mistakes are definitely not typos either. Especially not with random capitalized letters in the middle of the sentence and three commas used in a row. The occasional spelling mistake by anyone is perfectly permissible though proofreading is preferred, but I honestly believe there’s something severely misfiring in her brain!

Judging from the horrible photos of her own wedding, she probably “learned” from that fauxtographer.

The cowboy hat photo could have been done better on my cell phone.

Ashley, you need at least a 2-year sabbatical from taking clients altogether.