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And besides it is NOT slander if it’s the truth!


with that being said I had the Opp call and talk to me About Ashley and Told me to keep my mouth shut or I could be charge with Slander and such


In Canada, the Truth isn’t a protection against slander like it is in the states but you wouldn’t be getting a call from the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) about slander as it’s a purely civil matter and not a criminal one. I also seriosuly doubt it was an actual OPP officer since this is all in print and as such is actually libel.

Slander is the type of defamation with no permanent record. Since this is all written down on the inter webs, it’s sort of permanent. So, seeing how this “OPP” officer didn’t know the difference between Libel and Slander …

ps.: I’m not a lawyer.

Oh and yeah, the BBB is a toothless tiger. I’ve reported to the BBB a company for claiming to be accredited by the BBB while they are Not and nothings happened. If the BBB can’t even stop people from using their logo then there isn’t much they can do for anyone else.