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I do find that psychologist’s analysis of dutch angles interesting. I never thought of it as creating uneasiness or duress like she explained, in contrast, I always thought it seemed to make an image more dynamic and imply motion. But I can see that. Just the other night after reading that post, I happened to be watching an 80’s movie that had a theme of infidelity- and in one scene the husband was in the bedroom consoling his alcoholic wife as she lay in bed going through liquor withdrawal symptomsand they had a constant and almost dizzying use of dutch angle on film. It fit the mood of the scene well. Myabe the reason I feel it does not create uneasiness in my images is because the people are typically smiling. One thing I learned in college photography and art courses was that angled lines tend to draw the eyes inward to the subject which is also a reason I’ve used tilt.

Ashley probably just made her page private. She was also kidding about selling her camera, she was trying to get attention with that post.