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It’s not petty at all in comparison.

Browneyedgirls is a great photographer in her own right and therefore we adjust our critiques for something harsher and something more to the point.

Would you critique a feature  film with the same judging criteria of a highschool film project?

Had she burnt the highlights in many of her photos, (she hasn’t she has perfect control of lighting) then i would have commented on that. But for now She needs to work on her composure. If she wants to take things to the next level then she needs to work on that. If she wants to be hired by companies not just people then she needs to work on making her composures good enough that they don’t need things to be tilted.

Browneyedgirl is a big girl. She has shown to be able to handle strong critique and harshness just fine.

I was just commenting on the irony that her bringing instagram into an argument while still using photoshop actions and other ironic things.

Sure, I’m fine with people bringing terrible work into light but commenting on their work and giving them rude advice is just petty. Especially since none i’ve seen thus far has the right to really be giving advice on their own page.