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BrownEyedGirl… you use premade Photoshop actions, over tilt and thought that there was a correlation between a cloudy day and iso. When we addressed any of those issues you just brushed it off as it being your own style. How is Ashley’s stubbornness any worse?

soaringturkeys,  I do hate when people beat up on certain photographers for minor flaws in their work, but the photographer that she is referring to Ashley….. her work is a travesty.   I just picture in my mind one of her clients with an 11×14 collage on her wall of the jaundiced red-eyed baby with her mouth open, the jaundiced shot of the baby’s ear, and the poorly selected colored (like, half baby colored, half b&w) out-of-focus bundle of joy on her wall…. printed from Walgreens….  the thought of this makes me shudder.  And she charges like $50 for her work… to me, that is $50 too much.
I am not a photographer at all, but as I’ve mentioned before I am a consumer.  I hired a number of photographers before purchasing a shutter remote and becoming a DIY photographer after I left my job.  I know what to look for in regards to a photographer’s ability to connect with the subject, and the overall quality of their work.  Sure, there are critics on this site that are not great photographers themselves, but the whole point of this website is 1.) for entertainment, and I think 2.) a lesson for professional photographers on what NOT to do.  Ashley’s Facebook is, hands down, the WORST I have ever seen.  And she has been a professional photographer for 3 years with no desire to learn or improve.

You picking on browneyedgirl’s tilts (which is not exactly a crime in photography) and photoshop actions is just petty IMO.