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Its funny that you address Ashley using auto when you are using the Auto for Post Processing.

There is absolutely no difference between you using A pre-made action vs someone who is using Auto on the camera. The idea behind it is the same.

Sometimes people who think they’ve made it are the hardest to critique. It’s so easy for people to pick people who are obviously beneath them but once they think they’ve made it or have convinced themselves that they know all there is, having people critique them is near impossible.


Your go 2, I know more Photography than you, is to ask them lots of ridiculous wrong questions that don’t even make sense when answered.

ISO to cloudy day aside, you insisted that people should have a RAW conversation program and yet you fail to utilize yours to its potential.

You commented on someones photo asking if they used an instagram filter when you yourself use premade actions. Tell me, what is the difference between these  premade post processing programs?

You commented on people not knowing how to shoot yet forget things like tilting when you are shooting and when asked about it, you will just brush it off as different tastes.

You asked whether having lens flare, that’s blatantly just a bad mistake, is good and when you didn’t get the response you wanted. you just simply didn’t respond.

I can handle that you want to choose to be unteachable in your own right. I can handle that you guys just want to post up horrible photos. But going around posting on other peoples work, rudely offering them advice and telling us that they are being stubborn?

Well now that’s just a tad bit ironic.