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You Guys call your Self Pros,….But your all siting an a computer complaining about others who are learning from the bottom  up the same as everyone else did. We call learn Differently, some of us hit bottom before we realize it.  But for you to Sit and bitch and complaine about others and there work Makes me sick and you call yourselves Pro I don’t think so. Further more if they aren’t even in the same country as you why does it matter who does and doesn’t like there work, pretty said you dont like to see people happy.

Anna, the point is that you shouldn’t be learning from the ground up on a paying clients dime. That road leads to lawsuits.

Do you think that a judge will be very lenient when you tell him the pictures you took weren’t great but, hey! you’re just starting? Couple that with using other photographers work in your advertising and you’ll find yourself in deep trouble.

On the same vein, you should have at least a basic grounding in the laws that surround your business. Not using OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS WORK in advertising YOUR OWN SERVICES is a basic business concept and a violation that could result in you not only losing your business but losing your home as each violation of copyright can result in penalties of 150,000$ in the US. On top of that, using other people’s work is ethically wrong and could be construed as false advertising.

Your logic would be like me opening a garage and learning how to be a mechanic while repairing paying clients cars … it;s not how business works. Get a grounding in the basics of your industry before you start charging.

Or don’t listen to us and do like 95% of all photography “businesses” and crash in burn in a year or two.