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@lifeskills13- Were you saying the original photos from a template used by another photographer were photographed by dalyMoments, or was dalyMoments the one who stole an image? I’m confused. The link you posted comes up as unavailable for me. Who’s page is it? After reading the posts in this thread over a few times I’m guessing dalyMoments was the original one and that the other person stole it from her (which would make sense, since dalyMoments seems very professional and has a lot of beautiful images, and totally does not look like someone who’d steal an image)

HAHA! Ashley also has blocked me from her business page after also trying to help her. There are no words. I only got a little harsh with her at the end of my messages (I copied/pasted the entire message thread on a different thread on here, if anyone cares to read it). She is extremely unprofessional, made up excuses for everything such as “the lady at the college told me it wasn’t worth it [to take classes in photography]. and “I like my style and dont wanna change” etc. I could hardly get past her horrible spelling and grammar (She’s from Canada, possibly spoke French natively, though her misspellings and mistakes didn’t look like that of a French-speaking person, so who the heck knows). She said she’s been doing photography since 2009. It’s very apparent she will never be a good photographer if she’s still taking out-of-focus images and everything else.  I’m kind of sad I can’t see it anymore, my “favorite” was the huge, yellow, hairy pregnant belly photographed straight-on with flash and written in huge letters in black marker across her belly was “This is what happens when mommy wants a back rub.”