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I agree with browneyedgirl89. Priscilla has some bad shots but also some good and she has the potential to produce solid work.

Ashley Adey, on the other hand, is a consistent train wreck. Yeah, it is tricky. I live in Australia and am not a professional photographer anyway, so she is no threat to me on any imaginable level apart from the rather intangible threat she presents to the overall image of photography. At the same time, there is a perverse fascination in looking at her images and trying to work out how she got some of them so wrong. Clearly on-camera flash and auto setting are a big part of the problem, but there is no excuse whatsoever for out of focus portraits and red eye in ‘professional shots’. She has no apparent knowledge of basic editing, such as cropping or spot removal. The harsh lighting and shadows are dreadful. The funny thing is that some of her early shots (taken outside) were better. The worst thing she did was move inside, but her apparent refusal to look critically at her work and learn from it is a big mistake.

Ashley also seems to have a really alarming effect on children, who often seem scared or confused around her. This could be explained by the number of shots of babies playing with live electrical wires. I commented on one of her photos about the dangers of this and she deleted the comment. I commented on the big bubble of saliva that made one baby photo quite grotesque, but she protested saying it made it look like a normal baby (shouldn’t all portraits of babies look like ‘normal’ babies, or am I simply displaying my dislike of Anne Geddes?). I asked what another photo was, as I genuinely didn’t know. She replied ‘catapillar’. I have to confess that her inability to spell does negate my view of her, but that is my own thing. The fact that her ‘catapillar’ was badly out of focus and the ‘after’ processing shot was significantly worse than the ‘before’ processing shot has not helped my view either.

The thing is, though, that Ashley’s clients actually seem to like what she does. Sure, they are probably all friends and family and she is probably not building immense personal wealth with her business, but they do seem happy with the outcomes – the word ‘awesome’ gets used a lot – so who are we to argue?