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Honestly, Priscilla has some very nice work. I think she has a knack for posing her models well. A little too much dutch angle but I do it it too (and am going to try to do it less after realizing how it can be too much at times). Almost every photo I saw of hers was sharp and in focus. Most are exposed well, some could stand some better exposure and/or upping the center exposure in post processing. A few looked over-edited and a few others looked like they could have used better editing. But she is in no way a fauxtog. She’s better than a lot of the people posting on this thread. I saw a few wedding photos though that didn’t stand out as that good, but she seems to do a lot more model photography than anything else. Her studio work looks nice though with the white background she should have kept the angle straight or it looks like they’re floating oddly in space, and a few have harsh shadows behind them, but they are really not terrible. Possibly she misunderstood or mistyped her response to the camera question, because from her work, it looks like she knows and understands her equipment just fine. And yeah, her album organization is really lacking, but that doesn’t really reflect on her talent in photography at all. We can all get nitpicky with any photographer but her stuff isn’t bad.