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reality check

lol puzzle piece photography isn’t a successful photography business.  Nor is she trying to learn.  how many are those photos are paid shoots?  to me it looks like friends and fam, and maybe a handful of friends of friends thrown in.  I don’t think anyone here is jealous of a person that’s into Facebook like ladders and “like me, and I’ll like you back” and “like this status and I’ll share your page”.  ect ect Come on!  Get real.

It’s just someone into pretending to be a photographer, trying to get attention that they need, that’s been at it for awhile, and is good at paying people back for likes and such, or maybe shes even bought a few.  shes been snowing some people, including herself, but shes far from successful.  i bet she barely breaks even, and it will continue on this way until she gets board of it, because photography obviously isnt her thing.  Sure , she has a few legit comments/posts from actual people and/or clients.  So does every other fauxtog out there.  Not bitter at all, just not easily impressed or easily taken