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I posted my work here. I got told what’s up and what’s wrong with my work. It’s like on the 2nd or third page. I have some truly terrifying ones from when I first started school, I know that. My problem is where photographers find this sweet spot of mediocrity ( or if they are lucky bad) and finding the perfect amount people will pay for it. they just sort of say “good enough” and that’s all there is. Puzzle piece has decent outdoor shots, his/her indoor shots are pretty bad, white balance wonky, weird shadows, so on. But again even I had some mad trouble with indoor natural light sort of shots. Check out my water conceptual album, and that was done with hot lights haha, it’s terrible haha.


anyway I’ll post mine again, to show “I aint skerd” but really I know my faults. I work mostly for trade with a make-up artist and by word of mouth. Once I graduate and move out of alaska, I plan to work towards a proper business. http://www.facebook.com/JessicaBishopPhotography   😀