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It’s hardly weird.  It’s adorable. I think some people here have become too comfortable with outing people who are starting out and are just a tad bit jealous of success.

Puzzle piece photographer may not be the best photographer out there, but her clients are very happy and that clearly shows with how many likes she has and with how many praises she gets. I doubt that she has 2000 family members just building her ‘success’ rather this many likes is innate proof that she has incredibly happy clients. Her shots may not be the most technically great photo but the kids look comfortable. They look happy. She can direct a scene better than most people in this forum that i’ve seen thus far.

These food-baby photos, yeah they aren’t the greatest shots ever but they aren’t marketed to photographers nor the higher market. They are marketed to the mothers who love that cute adorable stuff. and you know what, she’s a great at what she does!


Perhaps some of you aren’t Fauxtographers but there are quite a few people here that are GWCs and so far, none of you should even be giving anyone advice. A whole lot of people here on this website just seem to be real bitter about people having better success at photography. Not knowing that taking good photos is only part of running a successful photography business.

Yeah the first two people are quite bad but i challenge anyone here to show me their entire portfolio and i can guarantee that none here will be able to show better direction than this photographer.