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Bite your tongue 🙂 !
I feel it’s ok to relay some information as I use an alias (to protect my clients, as if you couldn’t tell).
I did have two weddings that did not make it to the altar. The first, as I was told, it was because he got frisky during the stag, one week before the wedding. Mom was begging her to take him back and refused to tell anyone the wedding was off. I only found out two days before by accident from a friend of hers, otherwise I probably would have shown up to mom’s house the morning of for photos only to find an empty house. I was not impressed. It was for the best as I think this was a case of mom thought the world of him but her daughter never really did (enough to marry him).
The other I know nothing other than a sad but thoughtful email that told me they would not be getting married. She seemed like a nice girl and I only hope that no marriage was the best thing for her. I did have the feeling she was “dumped” though.
So when people think of wedding photographers having a great time of it, we do have our sad side to it too. And yes, it does get to me at least. I’m still shocked at all the weddings I’ve done over so many years when I find a couple has divorced, with some of those who did not even making it the first year.
Other than that, I do of course have a myriad of stories about funny/odd/interesting events on the day. No crazy/bridezlla/grumpy family/tipsy sort of stuff. At least not towards me. They always seem to like me and that’s a good thing. There have been grumpy family, brides told at the last minute that it wasn’t too late to back out by mom/dad, drastic tardiness (almost the norm) and so forth. One day I might write a book.