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Can I just say, wow, I was not expecting such detailed feedback, thank you so much to everyone.  I will try and respond to each of you in turn.

Overall with the editing, I was going for a particular style – the kind of almost overexposed, high contrast you see in some of these http://verveportraits.com.au/portfolio/baby-and-newborn and these http://www.youstudios.com.au/gallery/5601/Families_/_Children.html

Which when we first started I thought was the ‘professional’ look…

Now though, looking at it all again – and other studios – and from your feedback – I can see that we’ve probably gone too far in that direction (to the point of being almost paranoid about shadows) and we do need to incorporate some more depth/light and shade.  Thanks again, good to know at least they’re not horrible and we are wasting our time…