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I’ll agree your photos are better than most of the fauxes we see here but they are a bit boring with the flat light. I’m sure the older clientele appreciates this but it looks a bit primary school class photos with someone that can’t really be bothered. For the most part there is nothing technically wrong with them but they could be much better with just a touch more effort. A few of the photos are very soft though which I don’t think can be attributed to facebook.

As for pricing, I’d probably bump the 30 minute session up in price to $30 or $35 to get people to buy the hour long one instead as that then seems much better value. If you want short quick things why not offer passport photos for $10 or $15 whichever is the going rate around there? Make sure you delete old posts apologising for this or that once they are out of date and make sure you keep adding content.

If you want some better critiques you could upload 10 or 15 photos to flickr and we could then see them in full resolution and see your exif to look at your settings as well.

Experiment a little and work out some nice looks with the stuff you have available to you as it sounds like you are pretty well set up.