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I have to side with CC, the split 45° lighting is a go to lighting method for most and suits well for a lot of situations but does not offer much for depth and varying skin tones like CC stated. Children have such smooth skin that you have to create lighting situations to create that depth and varying tones to bring more life to the images creating that “Pop”
But it can be tricky to get kids to sit still long enough for you to get that shot.

I wouldn’t say that the photos are faux, but better than average and certainly not bad for the prices you offer them at.
Hate to say but at your prices, there is not much room for editing, besides the basics.

I think you probably should edit your photos a bit more, attention to detail and sharpness. I see several of the kid photos under Families and Children that are not very sharp. The little girl in the chair reading the book, ditch the selective color and bring in some sort of background for contrast. IMO there is just not enough contrast for that image to make sense, and the selective color draws your attention to the book and not the little girl, unless that is what you are going for.

I have to ask, not criticizing but just curious. For your infant photos, are you using a heater to warm the babies during shooting? I see some speckled skin tones as if they were cold? I don’t do newborns or infants but I know some photographers that do use some sort of heating system.

I also agree with CC on the platform, facebook has a strange algorithm for compressing even High quality images. There is a guide out there Here is the Link for better sizing for more popular social media sites.

It’s late for me and I have had a long day.  I apologize in advance if I come off too harsh or incoherent

Hope that helps.