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I just took a look at your newborns as that is my area of specialty. You would benefit from some education on posing, lighting and processing newborns.

One of the foremost newborn photographers in the world is in Australia. Her name is Kelly Brown. She is extraordinarily generous in sharing her talent. I would suggest looking into purchasing her Creative Live workshop “Newborn Posing”



it is the best $129 you will spend when it comes to learning newborn photography. There are other workshops online and in person but I would recommend this as a place to start. Her editing assumes a level of familiarity with Photoshop that you may or may not have but her posing, styling and lighting instruction alone are worth the money alone.

I have spent a year intensively learning my camera, starting from the basics…the exposure triangle, basic composition, flat light vs. feathered light and on and on spent a good amount of money on good education and CC. I have progressed a lot but have a long way to go. Never turn down an opportunity to learn, keep shooting, shooting, shooting. I’ve posted here on YANAP a couple times and while the CC can be harsh sometimes it is rarely wrong.  I have been pretty well torn apart here but I just put on my big girl pants and keep plugging along.

This was my second newborn.




this was my most recent:




Both were taken with no more than natural window light in a person’s home with a nakey baby on a blanket and beanbag. Although the first was a Rebel and the second a 6D. A Rebel could achieve the quality of the second photo if I had known what I was doing.