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NightRose: It’s fine. I’m not thin myself, I’m an AUS 12 usually. But that’s the thing, I would never judge anybody based on their weight and say that just because they are a certain size that they can’t be beautiful. That’s because I know that self perception is warped, my idea of big is not big to someone else. Two people can be the same size but have different health level depending on their life style and natural body type and genetic. Every one can be and will be beautiful, as a photographer, your job is to see that and capture it. While I know I have my ideas of size, I also know that I have issues with numbers (even and odd) and can be a very exacting person which is very damaging. I found that, in trying to let go of all of that, it just made me happier and my work better. Darn it. I may not have made any sense.