Home Forums Let’s Talk Photography Why would anyone photograph a fat person? Reply To: Why would anyone photograph a fat person?


This seems like obvious provocation, so I don’t know why I’m even answering, but I feel the urge to say something to this.

From your photo gallery I can see that your portraits are mainly the fashion editorial type, so I understand you might have a fixed eye for a more “modern” type of beauty (i.e. thin or at least slim) but if an obese customer hires a photographer, they can’t answer “Sorry, ma’am, you’re fat, I cannot photograph you”. That wouldn’t be good customer service now would it. I know you might be referring to the boudoir session images of fauxtographers, in which a large woman is usually crammed into a three sizes too small bikini/underwear and made to pose in uncomfortable or unflattering positions, but in the hands of a talented professional the good sides of every person, regardless of their weight, can be brought up.


And obesity doesn’t disappear along with the pictures depicting it.