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Some quick thoughts:

I visited your page, and checked pricing for weddings.  On mouse-over of the link at the end of this line:  You can also book online here: http://virginiabeachweddingphotos.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59, the link goes white text on white background.  When I was doing a web page for our engineering group, I used to make links that were being worked on as future content do this, it was an effective way of having the link available for testing while keeping most people from choosing the link.  You might want to speak to your page designer.

In the next paragraph you have:   “Anyone can purchase a gift certificates here:”.  OK, I’m old.  I’m from a generation that likes good grammar and spelling.  It would read better if it said:  “Anyone can purchase gift certificates here:”, or “Anyone can purchase a gift certificate here:”.

While we are on this page, why does the first link say http://virginiabeachweddingphotos.com while the second link says http://www.sarahashleyphotos.com?

If care was not taken with your web page, how can I be sure as a customer, that you will take care with my photos?


Your studio photo is interesting.   I’m fascinated by your light modifiers and the left wall with what I presume are backdrops hanging on pegs.   The black backs keep light from spilling out the back of the umbrella but trap heat.  The shoot-through umbrella acts as a bigger light source than the bare strobe but does not provide much directionality.  You have light coloured, but not white walls, and a bunch of different coloured fabrics, all of which will reflect the light from your strobes back onto your subject while adding colour to the light.