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Photoshop Elements 1.0 came with my Nikon CoolPIX 5700.  Later I got version 4, 6, 7 and 8 before moving to CS5.  Since changing to CS5, I have not followed changes to Elements.  My motivation for changing was 16 bit editing and the much more robust Adobe Camera Raw.

I still have Elements 7 on this machine and 8 on my notebook.  I sometimes use elements for batch resizing.  The screen looks a lot like CS5, there is a toolbar down the left side and menu across the top, with a set of boxes down the right side containing the open controls.  The rest of the screen is picture.

Layers work slightly differently in Elements.

It’s not that Elements can’t do what you need.  It’s that CS or CC can do what you need slightly more easily and with slightly better results.   It’s much like a Rebel or 50D, compared to a 5D or 1Dx, an 18 Mpx rebel lets me take lots of excellent shots but there are a few shots that are just more fun or easier to do with a 5D or 1Dx.