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Yes, I do agree that Adobe appears to be driving photogs to use LR more than Ps – in fact, with LR5, most “power-users” (like me) have started to refer to it as the photoshop killer because of the abundant features and native non-destructive editing. Couple the robust nature of the base program with Topaz or Nik plugins, and you have a photographer’s wonderland without even touching CS6, or Elements for that matter.

And, true, LR5 can be a memory / swap file hog and slow things down to a snail’s pace if your catalog swells beyond, say, 10,000 images – especially if your are AutoSync-ing Develop settings across hundreds or even thousands of images. I have a Mac Pro with 64gig RAM and dual SSDs so speed is not YET an issue for me, but that won’t last long I’m sure. 🙂

Still, I have CS6 and Elements 8 (with Elements Plus plug-in) for when I feel “artsy,” which is not very often.