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Three things I think, 1) people are now so used to the instagram crap and mobile phone cameras in general they see anything shot with a dslr as amazing quality 2) People have emotional attachments to the photos, see http://www.takeoffyourmommygoggles.com/ for a great summary and finally 3) You pay someone and you’d feel stupid if the shots aren’t great and you tell yourself it is great when it isn’t. It is like when you buy something that is expensive but turns out to be utter shite

She really ought to get the new lightroom and run the automatic perspective correction on everything, I’m honestly getting seasick. If she straightened her shots out and stopped with the god awful edits she wouldn’t be a faux, merely an average photographer (at best). I wonder if it is facebook because every shots seems to be slightly out of focus


She is someone who ought to have her photoshop licence revoked