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It seems her style is driven by a particular taste her clients prefer and one she seems to like a lot. For the *most* part, I don’t see her work as good or bad, but there is a shot of a family on a staircase and while that can be very challenging, she was ostensibly being paid to document that family event and she framed it poorly. If her subjects insisted on those stairs I feel she could have made it much more interesting and what she produced was a snapshot. So, my 2 cents on one photo that caught my eye.

I do think there is some truth to the suggestion that fewer people have an idae of what a great or good photo should look like. Now that everyone has cameraphones, etc. and people aren’t exactly pausing to apply the rule of thirds before posting the 15th photo of their son that day, I do think we have accepted a broader range of what is photography.

And, oh dear, by the standards of  I Hate Fauxtography, some months I’m a legit pro photog but other times I’m not. : /