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I don’t have any answers but here are my thoughts on the subject.

There seems to be many MWAC’s who have left their jobs to raise their children – at least until they go to school – who are in the position to think about starting their own business. Not just in photography but in other areas too – the area I live is teeming with ‘mumpreneurs’. It’s a time when you can have a break from your career and think about a change and something that may be more flexible to work around kids.

However, for every MWAC I’ve met, I’ve met a GWAC too – maybe more, incredibly nerdy ones who spend a fortune on all the latest gear but would know the rule of thirds if it fell on their heads.

I think in light of there being more successful men than women, at least from a historical point of view, maybe women photographers have just had less attention – certainly this was the case for women artists.  A few years ago I went to a great exhibition of Robert Capa and his girlfriend Gerda Taro. Everyone one knows Capa (and rightly so) but Taro remained for decades in relative obscurity – even though her images were equally striking and courageous to those of Capa’s.