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Philip – your post reads like an infomercial, but I’ll bite.

I use both an aluminum compact tripod for those travel shots, a carbon fiber for my main tripod and an aluminum monopod for shooting with my big lens and camera combo.

I prefer my carbon fiber tripod, due to the fact that carbon fiber reduces vibration through the body of the tripod where steel and aluminum. That and the fact that it is light as hell and I don’t mind carrying it, some of the times.
When I’m doing my sports action shots, I have a full panning gimbal I use that more than makes up the weight savings. Combine that with my big lens and the big camera, the aluminum tripods don’t come close enough to the weight ratings I need.

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UPDATE: Looking at that Proaim, does not very practical unless you are in a strict studio environment. And since I don’t do video, completely useless to me, maybe not to anyone else, but for me it is.