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Picking up where I left off above,…  Sometimes a real tripod is helpful.  It is faster and easier to set the exact height, position and camera angle, than using found objects.  Some tripod, any tripod, is almost indispensable when doing stuff like this


or this


Although both are flash photos, having the camera positioned and focus set in advance is a big part of getting this sort of photo, so a tripod helps out.

Here is the setup for the water.  Speedlites are used instead of studio flashes because the speedlites flash duration is much shorter.  Most studio strobes’ flash is too slow to freeze water drops.


I shot that back in early March.  I see the head which tells me that day I was using a tripod I got a couple of years ago, for CDN$50.  It has aluminum legs, all metal (mostly aluminum) panning head, and it came with a bag.  Shop around, a good tripod doesn’t have to break the bank!