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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I take criticism very well because I know it makes me a better photographer. I got a lot of compliments for this picture, but it was coming from just regular people. Getting critiques from fellow photographers is helpful because it helps me pay attention to the details that I would normally not pay attention to. Like the fact that yes, it does look like she has 3 legs :::facepalm:::.

Like I mentioned before, this was taken during a shoot-out with multiple photographers to one model. Not many people were giving directions, so the model was just posing away. She just ended having her arms up, and when I showed her the picture from my LCD screen, she wanted the picture. So I gave it to her. I didn’t direct her to have her arms up like that.

Another thing I didn’t mention before was that that the organizer of this shootout asked us to only bring our camera and one flash. She didn’t want anyone to bring their whole setup. At the time she set this up, she was uncertain whether or not we needed a permit to shoot. It wasn’t until a couple days later before the event that she was told she will need a permit. She didn’t want to cancel the event, so she just continued to have the meeting anyway and found a location where we can hide if a ranger showed up.

Also, the assistance from the photographer pro (who was actually the organizer) was really fast. We didn’t want to hold up anyone’s time, so it was just a 5-10 minute thing between myself, the model, and her.

If I were to do this again, I would have waited until it got darker. I probably would have gotten away with just a reflector and light stand because this shot was taken at a bottom of the hill and the road was up top.