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Hello Anjanette, love the concept.  The model looks great, the woods are fine.

With option 1 – I agree with Cameraclicker with her fingers being cut off.  The only other thing that I find annoying with the image is the tree behind the model.  It makes it appear as if she were bound to the tree or the tree is somehow propping her up.  I think, and this is just my opinion, if she were re=positioned either to the left or slightly to the right, so that the tree were not directly behind her, it would make the image much better.

With the flash, I see one minor thing, the harsh shadow on the models right side, especially under her armpit and above her breasts.  Don’t know the location where you were shooting and the equipment that you have at your disposal, but if I were to do this over, I would use another flash positioned high to the models right side shooting down slightly to counter the shadow or a reflector, preferably gold, since the model looks fair-skinned.  SInce I don’t know the particulars of the location and the nature of the shoot, that is just my opinion based on what I see.

Option 2 – I would not use at all due to the big lens flare dead center.  Not sure if was intentional or not, but it seems very distracting and it just robs the color from that area.

Not sure if I get the Steampunk vibe from this scene and dress, more on the side of fashion meets nature but definitely not Steampunk, but hey that wasn’t your call from your story.

I hope that you take this criticism well, as it is definitely not meant to be cruel or mean in any way.   Looking at your flickr stream, you got a good eye and seem to execute well.